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We are EU based old growers team bringing our expertise in auto seeds form since 2017.

Urban Legends visibility is recent while the project of this seedbank is quite old and we have been on the scene for a while.

If you want to really know about how people grow and like our strains,

you are warmly invited : to get an eye or few hours of reading on

ICMAG : International Cannagraphic Forum and to FOLLOW US on INSTAGRAM.

European grower with more  than 31 years growing, experimenting and also breeding as passion , with nose gifted with a sharp sense of smell. Seeds stocks were well received by many friends and people and were superior at many levels regarding the industry. We are bringing our expertise in auto seeds form since 2017. Auto believer since the fist lowryder seeds , the evolution of autos world allows now to select for potency. We were the first company to release gorilla cookie auto,  but we try to provide good automatic genetics over hyped names. To make a long story short : NICE TERPZ FROM HIGH POTENCY AUTOS ARE ON THE MENU !