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Gorilla Cookie Automatic


Gorilla Cookie  automatic is available in :

  • 3 seeds packs
  • 5 seeds packs
  • 10 seeds packs
  • 25 seeds packs
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The most delicious and tasty hammer : Gorilla Cookie Automatic is a feminised auto-flowering cannabis seed derived from the widely-loved strains Girl Scout Cookies Auto and the powerful Gorilla Auto. The result is an Indica-sativa XXL Cannabis hybrid with sweet flavors and powerful herb. Perfect for any time of the day. F1 vigor. It was the first gorilla cookie automatic on the market back in 2018.

Gorilla Cookie grows with extreme vitality to heights of up to 100-120 cm. Besides, growing her is super easy. Make sure she’s well hydrated and fertilized to obtain spectacular crops of large, colorful and trichome-packed buds. Ideal both for indoors and outdoors, she’ll thrive when provided with a standard feeding. The taste and aroma of Gorilla Cookies are sweet and with lots of nuances: creamy cakes and vanilla flavors that get mixed with some earthy and spicy notes. Her effect is very complex too : relaxing, pleasant, bearable and capable of stimulating the appetite. Be careful during daytime, though, because her Indica side effect has surprised more than one experimented smoker.
Gorilla Cookie Auto is a good option both for beginners and for experienced growers, as you can obtain a quality crop in a fast and easy way.

Specifications for Gorilla Cookie Automatic

Suitable for : Indoor, outdoor, soil, hydro

Sex : Feminized autoflowering

Genotype : indica sativa hybrid

Cross : Auto Cookie x Auto Gorilla

Comprehensive life cycle : 10-12 weeks

Yield : High

Height : 100-120 cm in right pot size.

THC : high

CBD : Unknown


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